Is THE most precious resource we have,

and the one we struggle with the most.

Hi, my name is Sylvie Poitras, I am a time generator.

I help businesspeople be more productive and have more time to meet deadlines. 

My clients :

  • Look forward to going to work
  • Have more control of their daily routine
  • Finish work on time
  • And enjoy more FREE time

Let’s face it, managers/directors need more time to concentrate on ensuring projects are completed on time.

In my career, I had many office manager positions, and I also had a few sales positions. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines and the importance of not only taking care of existing customers but also having the time to find new ones.

The SWYCit ® Method I created can be applied to any business. It is the foundation to take control of your time and get things done!

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